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His Story

ZR Auto Werks at night

Blissdel Ramjohn's journey in the world of automobiles is nothing short of inspirational. Following in the footsteps of his father, a car genius who began working with cars at a young age, Blissdel was surrounded by the finest cars right from his childhood. His home was both a living space and a fully-equipped garage, nurturing his passion for cars. Known affectionately as 'The Keyman' for his habit of holding everyone's car keys, his love for mechanics deepened after moving to Grenada at the age of five. Here, he continued the family tradition of operating a garage from home, which eventually grew into a large mechanic shop.

His involvement in mechanics wasn't just limited to repair work; Blissdel also explored the world of racing, participating in professional go-kart races. After moving back to the USA in his teens, he embarked on a professional journey with BMW, marking the start of his illustrious career. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to own a tow truck, and later, a larger hauler in his early twenties. Working at Manhattan Motorsports further expanded his expertise, enabling him to fund his towing business. Blissdel's career soared at Mercedes-Benz, but his ultimate goal was always to be an entrepreneur, inspired by his father and family.


His Business Approach

Blissdel's approach to business at ZR Auto Werks, which he opened after six years at Mercedes-Benz, is defined by a commitment to quality and efficiency. He prides himself on fixing his clients' vehicles correctly the first time, a testament to his meticulous and high-quality work ethic. Keeping up-to-date with the latest in automotive technology is crucial for Blissdel. He invests in new software, ongoing research, and participates in classes to stay ahead in his field. The greatest reward for him is the satisfaction and happiness of his customers when they receive their well-serviced vehicles, affirming his dedication to his craft.

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